The following is a Huntington Herald-Dispatch article from November 18th 1966 titled "More Sightings 'Birdman' Could Be FHS Balloon"

A Fairland High School teacher suggested Thursday that the seven foot "mothman" seen flying the Point Pleasant area Tuesday night and early Wednesday may have been a experimental balloon.

Edward Prichard of Huntington, adviser for the Proctorville, O., school's Science Interest Club, said two balloons were recently released as part of an air current study project.

They were plastic sacks filled with natural gas and measured some four-by-seven feet when inflated, he said. One was released Tuesday night and another Wednesday morning.

A similar balloon was released November 1 and apparently triggered several regional "unidentified flying object" report before it came to earth near Pruntytown, W. Va. A capsule inside the balloon asks the finder to return it to the school.

Mr. Prichard said the balloons released from the school would be carried over Mason County by prevailing winds "and people's imagination might do the rest. Besides, the wind can play tricks with these things and they do look strange at times."

One radio station came to Mason County armed and carrying tear gas bombs Wednesday night.

Raymond Wamsley, Mrs. Katherine Wamsley and Mrs. Marcella Bennett visited at the Ralph Thomas home Wednesday, a short distance from the TNT power plant where the "creature" is supposedly domiciled.

Mrs. Bennett, carrying her baby in her arms, started to her car and was suddenly confronted with the "Bird of Paradise." She screamed, and panic-stricken, dropped her baby and fell to the ground. She described the "thing" as a huge, gray winged creature with large red eyes.

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