A Letter from Mary Hyre, August 5, 1967

This is reporter Mary Hyre’s letter to John Keel from August 5th 1967. She reports on more UFO sightings and interference with television reception, as well as her sister’s health problems.

The following is the August 5th 1967 letter transcribed into a digital text format with typing errors fixed:

Saturday Morning

Dear John:

I haven't heard from you for so long, I thought perhaps the little green men have taken you for a ride and haven't brought you back. Well someone is always reporting seeing something strange and its hard to keep up with all the sightings.

I finally went back down to Gallipolis ferry the other night and strange things can still be seen there. I think they have a hiding place there and also in the Northern part of the county back in the Lotart area and nearby where the man whom we went to see said one came down in his yard.

I girl that works at Pleasant Valley hospital was always saying to me "gee I wish could see one". The other night she called me and said "Well it was just like you said it would be, suddenly one would appear". She said that this one was just above the tree tops on a hill and was like a big round ball of fire and moved slowly over the trees.

This area is rather close to the area where the girl from Washington seen the one I told you about. I have been busy this past week and next week will have school board and council meeting the first two nights and the fair the rest of the week and by that time I will be seeing little green men and hoping they pick me up.

People have been complaining about their television sets having interference and nothing said about it being in the station.

I have been real upset this week my sister has had headache for sometime and she thought it was her eyes and went to an eye specialist the other day and he said all test indicated that she has a brain tumor. I think you met her once in the office. She is different than my sister, Fay, she is the one that cannot take anything and everything is a major problem and crosses all bridges before she gets there, now she is afraid to get to a specialist and find out for sure..if it had been Fay or I, we would have gone right on that day and at least started the tests.

I hate to think of her having this type of operation since she is so afraid which makes it much worse. I went through enough with her when she had a minor operation and in child birth. She has been one that has caused me so much worry anyway and now she married just recently and really acting like she has some sense for a change and now this happens. When the saucer stops for me I shall stop and get you. Sending a clipping of a small story.

As ever,



A Letter from Mary Hyre, August 31, 1967

This letter is from August 31st 1967, Mary reports on a couple of UFOs, including one that seemed to follow her, her husband’s health problems, and the “craziest dreams” she had about John.

The following is the August 31st 1967 letter transcribed into a digital text format with typing errors fixed:

Thursday Night

Dear John:

Well it is honeymoon weather here tonight. I think the temperature is in the 40' it would be a good night to go out and look for ufo's if you could keep warm. I seen a strange light the other night and it followed me home. This has happened before in about the same location but at different hour of the night. Perhaps I will make all kinds of mistake in writing this letter. I have been giving instruction to sports writers for the area high schools tonight and I don't know a darn thing about sports, but still I have to see that all the boys get the statistics and half way put them together and then I write them. I hate sports anyway.

Scotty has been very sick the past week, but is better at this time, for a while I was afraid he was having a heart attack, but guess it was something else, that is all I need.

A girl called me last night and said she had seen this strange object lighted in the sky and it moved very slowly across the sky so I guess the ufo's are still here and I think the "moth man" also is here.

I told Dan that I felt that one of these days before long we will hear more from these strange creatures again. Maybe the odd strange feeling I have about it will not become a reality but I sure do feel that something will happen. I am sure that Dan left here thinking I am a nut, but many things have happened in my life a long time before the moth man ever came to Point Pleasant.

I have some of the craziest dreams about you and a ufo I just hope they bring you back when they take you. In my dreams you are always leaving with one and there is always two men one each side of you in this thing. Maybe I am just hoping that you will be lucky enough to be taken for a ride in one, because you have worked so hard on every angle of this darn thing.

I shall let you hear at once should any thing unusual happen in this area.

As ever,



A Letter from Mary Hyre, November 1, 1967

Mary Hyre’s next letter is from November 1, 1967. There are more sightings of UFOs, lights, and Mothman. And she gets a call from a UFO investigator in New Jersey; she’s a bit wary of him.

The following is the November 1st 1967 letter transcribed into a digital text format with typing errors fixed:

Wednesday Morning

Dear John :

Well it sure is a rainy day here, but we have been having very beautiful weather, but it is time for winter now.

Mabel said she talked with you last night and you have been having a lot of excitement around your area. It seems that someone spots something just about every day here, but I have written about lights so many times it is getting to be an old story, every once in a while I have something different and write a story.

I am sending you a clipping of a day time sightings, but others have told me they see bright objects in the sky during the day that are not planes. I feel that the "Moth Man" is back if he ever left this area.

Mrs. Thomas claims she seen it again and a bunch of teenagers about two weeks ago said that they to saw and heard something when they were on top of an old house in the tnt area. Of course it has been about a year now and perhaps it will make it annual appearance. I have talked to Dan a few times and I'm never sure just how much you want me to tell him or the others he is working with.

I wish you would let me know if you think it best to tell them when I see things. Somehow I feel that perhaps what I see myself I had better keep it a secret, because there might be a pattern forming if I am smart enough to figure it out. I think there are contactees right here in Point Pleasant.

If I ever figure it out I will send you a note. I have never heard another word from the Henderson's and cannot understand why, unless they are contactees and feel that they didn't accomplish anything when they talked with me.

I had a strange call the other night from a man asking me a lot of questions. He said he was just interested in ufo he said his name was Ralph Manchin or something like that and said he was from a town in New Jersey, but he could have been anyone and from god knows where. I didn't tell him very much other than there was sightings here and that I was busy, and was, the boss was here. I haven't told anyone he called, because I think the person was right in this area although he may have been from some place else, I feel it is wise not to talk with an unknown person on the phone.

He did ask me when he could see me if he ever had the privilege of coming to Point Pleasant, I told him he could find me at the office or at home and it has been a few days now and I haven't heard any more, I might be fooled and suddenly he will appear. Do not tell this to anyone. Oh well may it will be solved some day if I ever live that long. The Thomas and Bennett women either are having illusions or really are seeing something and if what they say are true, they are most certainly involved.

I haven't talked with them, only what Mabel has told me. They seem to only want to talk with only certain people although I haven't ask to talk with them. Well have to go to a luncheon, but will keep you informed

As ever,



A Letter from Mary Hyre, November 25, 1967

Mary Hyre’s next letter is from a few weeks later, November 25, 1967. In this letter, a man is concerned about his dog, Mary’s sister has premonitory visions, and we learn that John’s last visit ended badly, when Mary’s car stalled in the rain.

The following is the November 25th 1967 letter transcribed into a digital text format with typing errors fixed:

Saturday Morning

Dear John:

Well do not be surprised that I am writing a letter in the morning. It is one of those dull days, but I have to stay until noon to see if the funeral homes call.

Dan called last night and ask a lot of questions, but I told him you would inform him on details when you arrived back in New York. Of course I don't think that he fells that we tell him everything I told him that I thought you knew a few things that were confidential, but that you had done this research and I felt that is the way it should be, I hope I didn't do wrong by telling him that.

Dan said that he talked for a long time Friday night with Henderson and that Henderson seemed to be very upset. He said that Henderson said that the dog goes to sleep and cannot be awakened and that is when they feel that someone is in the house.

My sister, Fay said she hoped we were not disappointed that she acted so doppy while we were there, but she said that she had fallen asleep and when we came and while we were there she felt liked she had taken something that made her feel that way. I sure hope that she wasn't under some kind of a spell by the little people.

She has had several visions and some have come true she said she started to tell one and it was one that she never had told me and said that she didn't know why she didn't tell you while you were here. This thing becomes more confusing daily.

Sorry that your last night here had to end the way it did, but maybe it was all in the plot for us. Hope you didn't take cold being out in the rain and cold night. The thing that amazed me was that I didn't get frightened, ordinarily I would not have stayed there one minute on that lonely road by myself. Perhaps I was given a super boost, but please ask the magic ball to keep me off of lonely roads while it is raining, as I said you didn't say how my car would stall. Can you find out if that is the way it was to happen?

Yours truly,



A Letter from Mary Hyre, November 26, 1967

Mary Hyre’s next letter to John was only a day later. A lot was happening. Keel marked the envelope “Checkered shirt,” and there is indeed a sighting of a prowler in a checkered shirt. (Men in checkered shirts appear elsewhere in UFO lore; Chapter 14 of John Keel's book Strange Creatures from Time and Space gives a few examples.) There are also numerous UFO sightings, and the news that Roger Scarberry had gone missing. As Mary says, “Well I told you things would break when you left.”

The following is the November 26th 1967 letter transcribed into a digital text format with typing errors fixed:

Point Pleasant, W.Va

Sunday Evening

Dear John:

Well I told you things would break when you left, Saturday night they were going everywhere. I really don't think they were ever so many in one night and some were pretty low. I saw the same thing that you and I saw in the tnt that night it sure must have a mission here. I have so many calls about seeing so many strange lights turning different colors and it was very clear here Saturday night, but you could tell the ufo's from the stars, because they were moving.

I went to take my niece and another girl home about 10 p.m. and they saw the lights and said, before I said anything, that there were two and that they were very low and changed colors and I let them described them to me. I said to Sharon if you travel with me you may see a lot of strange things and she said you know something last Easter as she and her mother were traveling on Route 17 they saw this big thing just clipping the tree tops on the hill as the traveled along.

I ask her what it looked like so she said it looked like a big gray wooden house and was a big as my house and they watched for a long time, it traveled very slow. She said it didn't have any wings nor did it have any sound. She said you couldn't tell it from a house, they had never told me this and I do not know why unless they were told not to.

I ask her mother what they seen coming from Winfield and she told me the same thing that Sharon had told me. She said it was not an airplane and looked weird to be gliding along so close by. I ask her why she never told me and she said I don't why. They always tell me everything and both have been with me when seen strange lights. Do you suppose there is something that can keep people from telling these things. This puzzles me and I'm sure that they didn't make it up because she didn't know what Sharon had told me.

Perhaps there are a lot of people who see things and never tell them or have a lapse of memory about them, Mabel said that Tom Carrol told Parkie that he locked the doors the other and went to bed as he had worked all night and his wife works in the day time and when he got up the kitchen door was open and he was sure that he locked the door. He said he thought he would look in the garage and man with a checkered shirt ran from the garage.

I ask Mabel if any of you had told Tom about the shirt deal and she said that he did not know anything about it. She said he was real upset and doesn't know what to do about it. I don't know if said what the man looked like. He wanted it kept very quite. He said since this has happened, It feels like someone is in the house part of the time with him and that something awful was happening to him.

You said you didn't think much of what he had to say when you talked with him and maybe this is just a bunch of nonsense hes telling. Has there been any article written about the men in checkered shirts? If so he may have read it. It could be in magazine and didn't see because I never get time to read like I should.

I think it would take a staff of people to track down all the leads that one hears in this area as well as other places but I do feel if anything breaks any time soon it and will be here, maybe I am wrong, but I feel that too much has been sighted and something will go wrong sooner or later and we will find out something.

Thanksgiving night Belva called and said that she seen this thing and it was very close and stayed for a long time and she got Juhu out of bed and he too seen it. She said about 7 a.m. the next morning she thought she would see if she could still see it and right where it was seen was a big patch of what looked like a big white puffy cloud. That is getting to be very prominent and I have never told her about the cloud bit either and am sure you didn't tell her.

Well I shall keep you posted on the latest happenings. Roger has disappeared, he left home Saturday morning and until now Sunday night he hasn't been seen or heard of. Linda still hasn't her baby, but has worried over him all night and day. Connie hasn't had her baby either, guess they are awaiting moth man to deliver them.

As ever,



A Letter from Mary Hyre, December 10, 1967

This is Mary Hyre’s last letter to John before The Silver Bridge Collapse, on December 15. John marked the envelope “tape drop”; gaffer’s tape had fallen in the area, and Mary enclosed a sample. She also reports on a few UFO sightings.

The following is the December 10th 1967 letter transcribed into a digital text format with typing errors fixed:

Sunday Evening

Dear John:

Well I promised to send you that stuff that fell from the plane or what ever, but it seems I have been busy this week and never did get around to it. Well it has rained here all day and still raining tonight.

Well nearly every night people call and say you should see this thing in the sky and they seem to come closer all the time. This one man told me he was out on Route 2 and 87 and this thing bigger than an airplane came right at him about dusk and it first had two lights on it then it changed to one light. He said it looked like it had an oblong windows in the front. He said there wasn't any sound and it about frightened him to death.

Other people have been reporting this two light bit and the thing come right at then but everyone get afraid and take off. Perhaps I think I would stay and see what it is. I really think that I am too curious not to stay and see what it is because it comes at the car and doesn't do anything. I don't really think that it would hurt me.

The piece of gray material I have enclosed was about 14 or 15 inches long and the glue on the one side was real sticky, but I had to put that part together to keep it from sticking to the letter. Some youngsters found the silvery stuff, but the police haven't gone back over the hill to get some of it as it's in the top of a very tall tree, but they promised me they will go.

I really do not think that it came from a commercial plane, this woman really doesn't know just what it was, said it looked like a big passenger plane and was flying very low. It was up at the coast guard depot on Route 17. One followed Maxine and I the other night and then it disappeared after it done a lot of tricks. I told Maxine it seems that some nights they are playing games with us, we may change our mind when they come after us.

Do you know a R.J Jua nillo, Sunnyvale, Calif.? He wrote the chief of police a letter and said he was preparing a manuscript on the ufo controversy and that he had become aware of unusual observations in this area and would like for him to send him things that have happened here. Cheif Pyles gave me the letters, but I haven't answered it, I thought I had better ask you first.

I shall keep you informed and hope you are feeling better. It worried me at the time about you getting so wet, but there wasn't much we could do.

As ever,



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