Point Pleasant, WV

Starting roughly in 1966, people in the state of West Virginia and other surrounding areas reported seeing a flying humanoid creature with red eyes that the papers dubbed 'Mothman'. Most of the reports came from the town of Point Pleasant, the big story that caught media attention and started the legend was the Scarberry and Mallette sighting that took place on November 15th 1966. Most of the other previous sightings were reported after this event. This Influx of reports was ended by the collapse of The Silver Bridge on December 15th 1967. It was thirteen month period of strangeness.

List Of Known Sightings:
   . Unidentified Flying Objects In West Virginia 1966 and 67
1  . Woman, Ohio Valley, Summer 1966
2  . Mrs. Ikart And several adults, Scott Mississippi, September 1st 1966
3  . National Guardsmen, Point Pleasant WV, November 1st 1966 
   . (Indrid Cold) Woodrow Derenberger, Parkersburg WV, November 2nd 1966 
4  . Kenneth Duncan and four others, Clendenin WV, November 12th 1966
5  . Merle Partridge, Salem WV, November 14th 1966
6  . Scarberry and Mallette Couples, Point Pleasant WV, November 15th 1966 
   . Scarberry Couple, 13th Street Pt Pleasant WV, Throughout Nov '66 - Dec '67 
7  . Marcella Bennett, her brother Raymond Wamsley and his wife Cathy,
Point Pleasant WV,  November 16th 1966 
8  . Teenage boy, Route 7 near Cheshire Ohio, November 17th 1966
9  . Paul Yoder and Benjamin Enochs, Point Pleasant WV, November 18th 1966 
10 . Couple, Point Ferry Branch WV, November 20th 1966 
11 . Howard Miller, Dixie Nicholas County WV, November 20th 1966
12 . Six teenagers, Campbell's Creek WV, November 20th 1966
13 . Brenda Jones and four others, Campbell's Creek WV, November 20th 1966
14 . Richard West, Charleston WV, November 21st 1966
15 . Two adults and two children, Pt Pleasant WV, November 24th 1966
16 . Tom Ury, Point Pleasant WV, November 25th 1966
17 . Ruth Foster, St. Albans WV, November 26th 1966
18 . Marvin Shock and Ewing Tilton, Cat Creek Ohio, November 26th 1966
19 . Woman and thirteen year old, Charleston WV, November 26-27th 1966 
20 . Shelia Cain and her younger sister, St. Albans WV, November 27th 1966
21 . Connie Carpenter, Mason County WV, November 27th 1966 
   . (Men In Black) Connie Carpenter, New Haven WV, November 1966
22 . Bob Bosworth and Alan Coates, TNT Area North Power Plant WV, November 1966
23 . Faye Dewitt-Leport with her siblings, Point Pleasant WV, November 1966 
   . (Men In Black) Faye Dewitt-Leport and her brother, TNT Area, November 1966
24 . Lawrence Gray, Jefferson Avenue Pt Pleasant WV, Fall 1966
25 . Everett Wedge, Henry Upton, Ernie Thompson, Leo Edwards and Eddie Adkins,  
Point Pleasant WV, December 4th 1966
26 . Mailman, Maysville Kentucky, December 6th 1966
27 . Two adults, TNT Area Pt Pleasant WV, December 6th 1966
28 . Four women, Ohio Athens-Hocking County, December 7th 1966 
29 . Around five People, The TNT Area WV, December 7th 1966 
30 . Katluyn Beaver, Wilson Straight WV, December 11th 1966
31 . Loretta Faye Campell, Point Pleasant WV, 1966 
32 . Mabel McDaniel, Point Pleasant WV, January 11th 1967 
   . (Men In Black) Mary Hyre, Mason County Courthouse WV, January 1967 
   . (UFO) Beau Shertzer and Nurse, Point Pleasant WV, March 5th 1967
33 . Brenda Stone and another woman, Route 62 TNT Area Pt Pleasant WV, May 19th 1967 
34 . Virginia Thomas, TNT Area Igloos Pt Pleasant WV, November 2nd 1967 
35 . Four male hunters, Chief Cornstalk Park WV, November 1967
36 . Elderly businessman, Point Pleasant WV 
   [The Silver Bridge Collapse - December 15th 1967]

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