On August of 2009 in Sacramento California, photographer Lamont Greer was taking photos of a local bridge when he spotted a winged creature. Lamont peered through the darkness and saw a shadowy figure on top of the bridge. In an interview for the television show MonsterQuest he said "Its such an eerie feeling to see something like right out of a horror movie".

The Bridge he was photographing.

Lamont Greer told about his sighting saying "I had just finished filming the backside of the bridge, so I was bent down putting my camera back in my camera bag and I just kind of felt something looking at me".


Forensic Sketch based on Lamont's sighting by David E. Weaver on MonsterQuest.

He further explained saying "When I first saw it, I didn't know what it was because it could have been anything, you know, its late at night and then my eyes kind of focused on it better and I said, you know, there's something up there. It kind of spread its wings and then it started flying off, that's when I could see the extension of the body".

Greer tried to photograph the strange creature but it was too fast, it disappeared over his head leaving him terrified and shaken. He described the creature by saying "It wasn't a man, It wasn't a bird, it was something that was absolutely strange and something unique. I mean if it wanted to come down and really hurt someone or attack, It could definitely cause damage".


MonsterQuest Television Show - Episode 64 (2010)