On Wednesday January 11th 1967, Mrs. Mabel Daniel, Linda Scarberry's mother, had her own sighting of a large winged creature over Route 62, near Tiny's drive-in restaurant, Point Pleasant WV, at 5:00 PM.

"I thought it was an airplane, then I realized it was flying much too low," she reported. "It was brown and had a wingspread of at least ten feet. I thought I could see two men's legs..hanging down from it. It circled over Tiny's and then flew off." The thing didn't seem to have a head or neck.

John Keel, Writer of The Mothman Prophecies, discussed the McDaniel family troubles in his book, Strange Creatures from Time and Space. "The McDaniel family had been living in the twilight zone ever since their daughter and others had first glimpsed 'Mothman'" said Keel.

Linda had repeatedly heard the sound "of a speeded-up phonograph record" around her home after the incident. She and Roger later moved into the basement apartment in the McDaniel's home. Strange lights appeared in the house, objects moved by themselves, and the heavy odor of cigar smoke was frequently noted. No one in the family smoked.

One morning Linda woke up and distinctly saw the shadowy form of a large man in the room. The house was searched. All the doors were still locked. There was no sign of an intruder.


Strange Creatures From Time And Space by John Keel (1970) (Page 221) (Chapter 18)

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