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The Mothman is said to be a dark omen that predicts tragedy. Hes been described as a half man, half monster, a bipedal winged humanoid creature. Hes been said to fly over 100 mph. Descriptions of his coloration vary from grey to brown but are typically grey. He is often reported to be about six or seven feet tall with a wingspan of about ten to fifteen feet. His most prominent features are his large bright red glowing, or at least reflective, eyes. Hes usually described as not having arms or a head. Most other details such as texture seem to differ between witnesses.

 List Of Known Sightings [The Thirteen Months]:

 . National Guardsmen, Point Pleasant WV, November 1st 1966 
   . (Indrid Cold) Woodrow Derenberger, Parkersburg WV, November 2nd 1966 
. Kenneth Duncan and four others, Clendenin WV, November 12th 1966
. Merle Partridge, Salem WV, November 14th 1966
. Scarberry and Mallette Couples, Point Pleasant WV, November 15th 1966  
. (Poltergeist Activity) Scarberrys, Pt Pleasant WV, Throughout Nov '66 - Dec '67
   . Scarberry Couple, 13th Street Pt Pleasant WV, Throughout Nov '66 - Dec '67  
. Marcella Bennett, her brother Raymond Wamsley and his wife Cathy,
Point Pleasant WV,  November 16th 1966 
. Teenage boy, Route 7 near Cheshire Ohio, November 17th 1966
. Paul Yoder and Benjamin Enochs, Point Pleasant WV, November 18th 1966 
. Couple, Point Ferry Branch WV, November 20th 1966 
. Howard Miller, Dixie Nicholas County WV, November 20th 1966 
. Six teenagers, Campbell's Creek WV, November 20th 1966
. Brenda Jones and four others, Campbell's Creek WV, November 20th 1966
. Richard West, Charleston WV, November 21st 1966
. Two adults and two children, Pt Pleasant WV, November 24th 1966
. Tom Ury, Point Pleasant WV, November 25th 1966
. Ruth Foster, St. Albans WV, November 26th 1966
. Marvin Shock and Ewing Tilton, Cat Creek Ohio, November 26th 1966
. Woman and thirteen year old, Charleston WV, November 26-27th 1966 
. Shelia Cain and her younger sister, St. Albans WV, November 27th 1966
. Connie Carpenter, Mason County WV, November 27th 1966 
 . Bob Bosworth and Alan Coates, TNT Area North Power Plant WV, November 1966
. Faye Dewitt-Leport with her siblings, Point Pleasant WV, November 1966 
   . (Men In Black) Faye Dewitt-Leport and her brother, TNT Area, November 1966
. Lawrence Gray, Jefferson Avenue Pt Pleasant WV, Fall 1966
. Everett Wedge, Henry Upton, Ernie Thompson, Leo Edwards and Eddie Adkins,  
Point Pleasant WV, December 4th 1966
. Mailman, Maysville Kentucky, December 6th 1966
. Two adults, TNT Area Pt Pleasant WV, December 6th 1966
. Four women, Ohio Athens-Hocking County, December 7th 1966 
. Around five People, The TNT Area WV, December 7th 1966 
. Katluyn Beaver, Wilson Straight WV, December 11th 1966
. Loretta Faye Campbell, Point Pleasant WV, 1966 
. Mabel McDaniel, Point Pleasant WV, January 11th 1967 
   . (Men In Black) Mary Hyre, Newspaper Office WV, January 1967
. (Men In Black) Connie Carpenter, Mason County WV, February 22nd 1967
   . (UFO) Beau Shertzer and Nurse, Point Pleasant WV, March 5th 1967
. (Men In Black) Mary Hyre, Streets of Pt Pleasant WV, May 5th 1967
. Brenda Stone and another woman, Route 62 TNT Area Pt Pleasant WV, May 19th 1967 
. Virginia Thomas, TNT Area Igloos Pt Pleasant WV, November 2nd 1967 
. Four male hunters, Chief Cornstalk Park WV, November 1967
. Elderly businessman, Point Pleasant WV 
   [The Silver Bridge Collapse - December 15th 1967]
. (Men In Black) Mary Hyre, Newspaper Office WV, December 22nd 1967

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