John Keel wrote about a trend he referred to as “The Wednesday Phenomenon". After analyzing UFO reports from 1966-68, Keel determined that the “greatest number of sightings are reported on Wednesday, and then they slowly taper off through the rest of the week". Keel concluded that, for whatever reasons, Wednesday is the day when people are most likely to encounter UFOs or strange things.

In Mothman Prophecies, Keel wrote: "I had collected some seven hundred UFO reports from 1966 and discovered that the greatest number of sightings, 20 percent, took place on Wednesdays".

He also said: "No one except the U.S. Air Force had attempted even a superficial statistical analysis of UFO sightings before, so my findings were greeted with howls of derision by the scientists who posed as experts on the phenomenon. Then Dr. David Saunders of Colorado University fed several thousand sightings into a computer and found the Wednesday phenomenon remained stable. That day produced the largest number of sightings, well beyond the laws of chance and averages."

Some Strange Sightings on Wednesday:


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